Solutions for Evolution

S4E – Solutions for Evolution

Solutions for Evolution by OASys does just that. It provides you with the experience and hands on help to grow your bar or restaurant business to where you want it to be. There are two facets to what we can do for you:

Quasi FD

Everybody thinks that they need a Finance Director to grow and improve the business. Nobody wants to pay for a Finance Director when they are still only small. We can provide a part time FD level service for your business at a fraction of the price. You will have access to one of four fully qualified hospitality experienced accountants who can oversee the top level of your finances. This might include:

  • Budgeting
  • Cashflow
  • Monthly Board meetings
  • Meetings with investors or banks
  • Due diligence
  • Investment appraisals
  • Operations/Finance team appraisals

We have provided this level of service to a number of our clients which vary from initial planning and not having any sites sites, up to a 15 site national chain. And with great success!

Financial Modelling & Consultancy

At OASys we are ideally positioned to help you secure and manage your finances throughout expansion. We can help you research the correct type of investor for your business, assist you in putting together a winning business plan and help you come to the right choice of funding option for your company. We have a proven, clear model template for funding expansion for our clients in the hospitality industry. We also have extensive industry connections, a passion for the hospitality trade and a good reputation with many banks, solicitors and investors.

All of this at a fixed price.

Our prices can either be a fixed monthly fee which includes all travel and expenses and no limit of contact whether by phone/e-mail or face to face.

Alternatively, if you just need us for a project to get your funding in place, we will provide an upfront maximum price. If we don’t use that full quota then we won’t bill you for it. But if we use more, we will never bill more than the original price. You will have clarity of your budget from the start.